Mexicanidad and The Otherness
Project info

In my current body of work, I am evaluating my ideas and expectations of Mexican representation and the “otherness” that exists, two separate entities in one person. Not only do I self-reflect, a conocimiento that I commonly use in my creative process, I project what I feel is a representation of both through my art.
Mi Sombra is a sculpture of wood and found objects, created in a rasquachismo way and influenced by artensania (folk art). I commonly use tossed out materials found in the junk piles or trash. I then begin to transform the discarded or found objects in a way that is influenced by Mexican woodcarving and by magical and imaginative Mexican creatures. Mi Sombra translates to my shadow; she is a “being” representing the Mexicanidad in me that is not always visible but always there. She is adorned with cactus antlers; this is a symbolic representation of being Mexican that I commonly use. Mi Sombra sits on a make shift cart with wheels and rope, influenced by children’s pull toys. This is to be interpreted as a way to transport this entity from place to place wherever I go.