The Threshold
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Just a kilometer away from the famous stone alignments of Carnac (Bretagne) a prehistoric monument is hidden in the woods: the Kercado tumulus. Dating back to ca. 5.000 BC it is one of the most ancient monuments of the complex.
The surroundings of Kercado evoke a particular feeling. The trees in the neighbouring woods seemed to be caught in a tacit dance. After a grand alley you arrive at an old chapel, pass it by and dive into the forest. It is dark there and a path takes you further until you see the light coming through a doorway in a stone wall. You ascend stone steps half swallowed by the ground and pass through a glowing opening. As if it were a border separating the two worlds. This symbolism is enhanced by realising the tumulus was of a great spiritual importance in those remote times. You cross the threshold and find yourself in a lighter wood. There is a mound surrounded by stones and with a menhir on the top. The trees here again seem to speak some secret language. The Megalithic tomb inside the hill has a passageway facing East. During winter solstice this passage made of gigantic stones would let rays of light into the inner chamber: a promise of new life in the midst of cold. The time seems to stand still here. Suddenly, millennia feel compressed and insignificant.
This unplanned visit reminded some mystic ritual, bringing one in touch with another reality.