Lands of Milk and Honey
Project info

The land of milk and honey, the reward of the righteous, the place of peace and abundance at the end of toil and travel. This series concerns the private landcapes we create for ourselves in public places – perfect moments and dream states. Elegant cities and gardens, during the most glorious seasons of the year, provide the setting for picnics, playing, relaxation and laughter. Everything is available here, there is nothing to search for.

However these lands exist equally inside the minds of the inhabitants, independant of the external splendour of architecture or horticulture. These are moments of relationship shared with other people and their experiences or with the self and its journey. They are a worthy indulgences into a states of rest and fantasy or simply escapes from the reality of work and haste. These lands are not destinations of themselves, rather opportunities along the way to soak up beauty and reflect. The static photographic image reinforces the
delusion that we create for ourselves that in this moment of pleasure, the journey is complete and the reward received. The transience of perfection can be ignored... if only for a moment.