Street Talkin'
Project info

The "Street talkin ' " series presents urban scenes that are familiar to us. On each photo words are printed as their own names. The images of "Street Talkin ' " question our perception, between doubt and recognition.
Is it the name or territory that drives our discernment in these images?
Beyond it’s photographic interpretations of hazards, “Street Talkin ' “ wants both observation and mockery of bidding information that we face daily in the modern city.
It's the illustration of a wave of urban signage, leaving sometimes appear a malfunction, a flaw in our consumer society orderly and the presence of a form of right of reply of the population who use the same tricks to express itself at his turn
The integration of the fact that we live under a constant bombardment of advertisements, where anything goes. But where remaining a free zone that allows to doubt the facts.
It is this zone that is the subject about these pictures, which is necessary to try to identify in “Street Talkin ' “ series.