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Useful Photography #011
Project info

This history of human targets in photo form has been collected from shooting ranges that scatter the United States of America in their tens of thousands. The series covers recent times as well as past decades, and portrays the changing state of a nation, one increasingly held ransom by gun crime but seemingly powerless to change the way firearms are viewed and used.

With the 2nd amendment stating the right to keep and bear arms, up to 55 million households take this to heart and holster by having at least one firearm in their possession.

Target practice in the US and this collection takes many forms. From masked intruders to terrorist invaders; from hostage situations to anatomy targets; from Osama Bin Laden brandishing a rifle to law enforcement officers brandishing a badge; from bombers to rottweilers. Find your favorite to force you to shoot and think.

Throughout the series, Useful Photography #11 asks the question: in this age of high impact gun crime, are the participants seeking protection or accelerating the violence?