Ambient Pressure
Project info

The ongoing project "Ambient Pressure" centers on the relationship between photography about nature and the nature of photography. A critical and ongoing question involves how we humans engage, relate, and think of non-human nature. These artworks are formed through studio and darkroom interventions of straightforward landscape imagery. I have mined my archive of negatives and manipulated their structure — cutting, scratching, burning, tearing, stapling, folding— to give a sense of additive-erasure. Through this process, I aim to highlight the notion of landscape as a construct by drawing attention to the material surface of photographs. The works are in-part a response to Thomas Barrow’s “Cancellations” series with its focus on the materiality of photography as a reminder of its mediating conditions.  By disrupting the pictorial conventions of landscape photography, I hope to make works that acknowledge how photography projects an illusion of containment and knowability of non-human nature.