Behind the Scenes.
Project info

The process of working on the still life compositions is very exciting, but, even if you have imagined the final version in your mind many times, and what is left is just to quickly put it together and click, you still continue to change the composition, adjusting its elements. You are moving around, moving everything around—the objects, the backgrounds, the lights. The piles of the discarded “left overs” are growing and growing. At the certain point you just look at it and see something new and fresh there—an interesting turn of shape, the fresh spark of light or unexpected bright color. It triggers your imagination, sending you to another journey and the new story already wants to be told.
In my collection of the Still Lifes titled “Behind the Scenes,” I worked with the objects I previously used in my projects, organizing them in the laconic sets under straight forward light. That gave me an opportunity to express my fascination with the beauty of the simple shapes, the symmetry of the enclosing space and the relation between the objects and the lighting.