Millennium Park
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A ticket to love

Ten rupees is the price of the entry ticket to Millennium Park Calcutta.
In the heart of the city, between the river and the railroad, it is a small park, with a little shabby lawn and bouncy attractions. But no matter, we do not come to enjoy it, we just love it.
There, in the shelter of the eyes, braving the conventions which ban all manifestations of the sentiment in love in the public space and still more all sentimental relation out of marriage, the youth comes to flirt.
Hidden in the bushes, always back to walkers or hidden behind an umbrella, young couples love each other.
A tight hand, a face in the hollow of a shoulder, a kiss for the boldest, a few gestures at first sight harmless but oh so transgressive, even in the second city of the country.
Thus for an hour or an afternoon, the most ancient traditions give way to Bollywood's romanticism.
Charming, if he did not stare at the chilling threat of dishonor.