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Every corner of India celebrates the ancient festival of Holi. It's not imagery thats uncommon to see. Oleg Tolstoy set out to capture “Generation Z”; in particular those heading for the university city of Pune. He wanted to see how such an ancient festival still brings incredible vibrancy to modern day Indians, in a city at the forefront of liberal India. Much like his series “The Tourist Trap”, he made himself as much a part of the images as the people in them.

Holi, the Hindu festival of colour and thanksgiving that marks the end of winter has been held annually for centuries across the Indian subcontinent. For Oleg, whose work is often typified by its bold colours and in-your-face style, he found himself at home. Curious to discover how young modern Indians celebrate this ancient religious festival, he documented the pure energy they brought to the streets. Oleg has singled out each subject from the crowd, to capture intimate, close up and dynamic scenes.