Serenity Lofoten
Project info

It took me 2 years time to plan for this trip to Lofoten, Norway. Along the journey, I prefer to escape the city seeks out the moments of calm and serenity provided by nature.

I can’t remember the exact year but it was around 2009 that I got my first Leica D-Lux 4. After so many years, seeing my previous photo magically appear in front of my eyes from the hard disk was the moment I got hooked. After then I decided to go with my Leica M10 and Summicron-M 28mm ASPH.

In my work, I’m largely influenced by what surrounds me at that given moment. I’ve been taking walks to the seacoast, traveling remote islands to the island in Lofoten, and driving all over the southern region, which is surrounded by mountain tops and ocean. Most of my images are still, peaceful and Zen. I think it’s my personality that differentiates my style, not so much the location.

I’ve learned many techniques from many different photographers, tutorials, and workshops. But the best advice I have ever been given was to go back to the beginning. Photographs should be very personal; my images should come naturally to me, without thought.

Many people believe that gear is key. Through the Leica M-system, I like the minimalist way of life. The less I need or bring the better, and make everything the simpler and easier life becomes.