Fog. And the Whole World Stops.
Project info

FOG is the first video landscape from the series And the Whole World Stops. It is a visual exploration of our daily environment that we often assume to be predictable and mundane. Through visualizing landscapes where awe and time reside together, I provide the viewer with opportunities to slow down and indulge in a brief moment of contemplation and reflection. A moment that we all need to live healthy and balanced lives.

We live in times when technology and culture interact with each other more than ever. Our contemporary, information-intensive environment shifts our perception of time passing and influences the way we navigate spaces, both physical and virtual. Unnecessary noise takes away our focus and affects our ability to see. Consequently, as Robert Irwin once pointed out, we miss out "on this visual Disneyland happening all around" us, all the time. But what happens when we slow down and take a look?
A Great Blue Heron serves here as a metaphor for mindful stillness and a symbol for surviving, adapting and thriving in an environment that is undergoing constant change.