Project info

The natural Park of Camargue, in the south of France, captured my heart, my soul and my mind one year ago.

Flying above its salt marshes is very inspiring. It takes you elsewhere.
The Nature there is pretty spectacular, one of the best Designer, which never fails to impress.
When the water becomes very salty during the summer time, the shrimps disappear, causing the algae to proliferate. The colors reach their maximum of intensity and can vary from lighter shades of green, yellow to vibrant red.
The strong contrasts and geometric shapes of the salt marshes can remind us of abstract paintings.

The resulting photographs combine these vivid and natural colors with geometric shapes, creating a series of abstract stills that fall somewhere between Painting and Photography, through "Painting-like".
The series is doing reference to famous paintings, while expressing the same powerful emotions as Zao Wou-Ki, Chagall, Rothko or Miró's Artwork can provoke.

Series of photos taken with my head and my camera pointing directly downwards.