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In a small provincial village in Valga County, Estonia, lives an eight-year-old boy Kaido. Kaido is a very special boy. Despite having an inherited and lifelong skin disorder called ichthyosis, Kaido has learned to live with his disease and still be positive and self-confident. His condition causes rapid regeneration of the cells of skin’s corneal layer or slows down skin’s natural shedding process. Affected skin cannot be cured, but the condition can be controlled with frequent bathing and creaming.
Granny Vilve has taken care of the boy since his mother died in 2011.
Unfortunately, their home was lacking suitable washing facilities necessary for Kaido, whose skin needs special care – there was no bathroom, and the 8-year-old boy had to bathe in a small plastic tub intended for babies. Kaido told about his life with ichthyosis in a popular Estonian TV-show Ringvaade, and his sincerity and bravery moved the viewers so much that the Estonian public organised a collection for building him a new bathroom. Surprisingly, instead a raising enough money for a bathroom, the collection resulted in building Kaido a brand new home with all the facilities necessary for a person with ichthyosis.