Mysticism of Zagros
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Hawrāmān (also Húrāmān) or Ōrāmān (Persian: اورامان‎) or Avroman is a mountainous region located within the provinces of Kurdistan and Kermanshah in western Iran and in north-eastern Iraq within Iraq's Kurdistan Region. In Iran, the region includes the cities of Paveh and Marivan and in Iraq, Halabja. The inhabitants of Hawraman are Kurdish people that speak Hewrami, part of the Gorani branch of the Kurdish language group. Hawraman is best known for its unique arrangement of cities and villages built along the mountain slopes of the region. Ancient religions are also practiced throughout Hawraman and the region is home to the ancient holy places of the Yarsan faith.
Pir-e Shaliar's descendants, a Zoroastrian-Kurd tribe, celebrate the wedding anniversary of their ancestor after more than 1020 years. During the main celebration pilgrims gather around Pir Shaliars house where man play Daf Drum and Dervish perform traditional Sufi dance
In the first week of Pir Shaliyar ceremony children inform the people coming of the ceremony with distribution of walnuts to every home.In the second week, at the Wednesday night before sunrise, children going up to the roof of homes, sing the traditional Kurdish songs. shortly after sunrise cows and sheep are sacrificed. at the evening they play Daf and pray repeating spiritual hymns. In the third Friday of the month Rebendan (second month of winter in Kurdish calendar), golden breads made of wheat and walnut in the shape of sun (disc) are brought to the tomb of Pir, there is distributed among participants and eaten.