A Pattern of Timeless Moments
Project info

My starting point is old Super 8 film which evokes vivid memories (and therefore relates to time) with its wonderful colours and emotive feel. But all memories, visual or not, play with the idea that what we are remembering or seeing really happened a long time ago. For in truth even a memory can only appear ‘presently’ and the memory can only be experienced in the present.

Film, by its very nature, is made up of consecutive frames which we call ‘moments in time’. And in order to explore this, I cut out and place the actual Super 8 frame of celluloid into the frame of the artwork. In this way my project explores the irredeemability of time by including ‘the moment’ in the artwork. (I cannot do that digitally so I can only submit the images.)

T.S. Elliot says in The Four Quartets, ‘If all time is eternally present, All time is unredeemable’ but by placing a piece of celluloid from many years ago into the photograph, suddenly that apparently distant moment is here and now, visible and tangible to us. So all time may indeed be eternally present.

The titles of the artworks are all inspired by The Four Quartets.