Project info

This project was born during my last trip to Australia.

I had with me a couple of analog cameras and in the first days I never took pictures with my smartphone. One day, while I was at MCA (Museum of Contemporary Art Australia) during the Biennale of Sydney I found some sheets hanging on the wall:

"Voice in Power.

Dear World,
you can call us the snowflake generation but we are stronger than you believe us to be. We are adaptable, smart, well informed, social and connected. We socialise on a global scale daily and can do many things you say we can't. Young people are independent, outspoken and are mobilising. We are leading society into the future with open minds.

the underestimated youth."

These words inspired me, although they seem naïf, once I left the museum I was more carefree and natural.

Thinking back to the youth and our society 2.0, our world, where we live, I started taking instinctive photos, like snapshots, digital polaroids of my daily routine; make up for lost time with the pleasure of the moment, without anxiety or pressure to perform when I shoot film.

The idea was just to take a cue from this hyper-connectivity; basically with the smartphone we can do whatever we want, even edit the pictures while walking. Through the series Chromatherapy, I aim to follow this aesthetic flow giving a visual coherence.