Project info


Photography, to me, is an inner journey, it’s a mystery, it’s poetry.

Like the kid throwing pebbles at the puddle and observing the waves and flashes they make.

A look inside oneself, like breathing into a reflection.

An augmenting lense, a drop of water that amplifies your inner world.

The conductive thread: intuition, emotion and revelation.

This trip is, in a way, autobiographical.

It picks up the pieces of a nomadic and fragmented childhood to retrieve the soul and the everything.

They are places to forget the wound and at the same time, it’s cure.

In order to do this, I visit the landscapes of my childhood, and I register my own children absorbed in timeless games.

I portray the teenagers, wanting to stop time and its transformation, forever.

Nature unravels itself, like perfect scenography where one feels inspired and sheltered, and where climatology is that simultaneous partner of narration.

The trip, the transit needed, in the recovery of the territories of childhood memories, when we were still connected to the magic world and to the everything.

As Pablo D’Ors says in his book “Biography of silence” : “It’s a place full and empty at the same time. In it, you are alone, yet you don’t feel alone. That territory is a world, your world, it’s the mirror of another world, the same world but concentrated, dilated, expanded: your home”.

It’s a homecoming.

Carmen Aguado Espinosa