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The wave is not the water.
The water merely tells us
of the passing of the wave
- Buckminster Fuller

Physics describes the Event Horizon as the boundary of a black hole, a one-way crossing between the universe outside and an unknown state within, the point of no return between one reality and another.

Einstein's theory of special relativity proved that different observers, in different states of motion, see different realities. He found that space and time are interwoven into a single continuum known as space-time. Space-time is non-linear; it warps and twists, and folds back upon itself.

The nearer one approaches the Event Horizon, the stronger its effect on space and time. Nothing – not even light - can escape its power. Objects crossing the event horizon are eventually swallowed into the singularity – the center of the black hole. There, matter collapses to infinite density, its overwhelming pull of gravity causing extreme distortions of space and time. Light swirling outside a Black Hole is bent, acting as a lens to reveal the things that lay behind.

As the object passes through to be crushed to an infinite point, the information about it remains on the surface of the Event Horizon, encoded as a hologram. There, it is preserved as a shadow of the object that no longer exists in physical form. A separate, but equal, reality.

The opportunity to cross a virtual event horizon exists if we allow that multiple planes of reality may coexist. Passing through such a threshold offers the potential to expand perception beyond the boundaries of normal experience.

As with the Event Horizon, once through there is no going back.

A photograph can be such a passageway; a portal from one perception of reality to another, where form is a place mark for other, more fundamental elements, like the movement of trees manifesting the wind. Seen in this way, a subject may be less important for what it is, or where it is, than for what it can reveal to us of its underlying, essential nature - a visual harmonic.

This series seeks to explore such ideas.


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