Dark Mirror : Emulsion Lift Imaginary Landscapes
Project info

The work submitted is the first five images from an ongoing series based, on a Polaroid/Fuji instant film combination. The idea behind the work is to create a new narrative and different perspective from what is essentially a one off process and fixed image. The photos have been taken over a period of 3 to 4 months using a variety of Polaroid cameras including homemade pinhole conversions. The images are often mistakes, bad or wrongly exposed pinholes but then mixed with specific photos taken for the project as an idea evolves. All images are based on the post process of emulsion lift but then torn and montaged as a collage. All exist as originals but are also available as digital reproduction prints. A Claude glass (or black mirror) is a small mirror, slightly convex in shape, with its surface tinted a dark colour used by artists of landscape painting. I regard my Polaroid as “a Black Mirror” to record hence the title of this work and indeed all my other work related to Polaroid.