Project info

Referencing still-life paintings ranging from Dutch 17th century to more contemporary styles of the 21st century, Pastiche is a photographic work that imitates famous pieces of art that draws attention to inanimate objects albeit with one condition; the objects used in each painting must all be found in a particular value store operating in Singapore today.

The shops chosen include Daiso, Winner$ and Ta Zhiang. They can be found in Orchard Road to more heartland areas of Clementi and Marine Parade. As the items find their way into the living spaces of their consumers, they inevitably add to the peculiar look of modern homes. The products too have a distinctive style; a combination of the kitch, faux, and even the use of garish colours.

Put together, this work considers the process of shopping a key and integral part of the work, looking out for items that matches the selected painting’s form, colour or content. This is a Pastiche when art history meets the convenient and cheap style of 21st century living.