Women In Africa
Project info

In 2017, Floriane was invited as an artist at « Women In Africa » in Marrakech, the first summit highlighting African women talents, leaders in their own speciality whether political, economical, environmental or so many others. Within the scope of this event Floriane shoots her first series of photographs, where some rare young men are also fighting for women rights and equality.

In 2018, she enhances her work with young ladies on their way to « bloom » portraits : this girls are schoolchildren or high school pupils at « L’École d’Excellence Mariama Ba » located in Gorée Island, Senegal. This brand-new generation will certainly change the future of Africa. Floriane takes advantage of her presence there to shoot some little girls with a bright look she sees strolling through the streets.

Following her meeting with the CSAO (Compagnie du Sénégal et de l’Afrique de l’Ouest), she creates from African block prints fabrics called « wax », a palimpsest. With this work, she proposes a first draft of a new series where faces mingle with abstract paterns made of fabrics superposition.

The « Women In Africa » project aims to bright out talented women from today to tomorrow and to create an artwork to underline what they are : strong and radiant. The photographer represents through her work three generations coming from different countries of Africa. They are fighting for, in order to give a better and safer future to the youngest.