Project info

Ralph’s photography strives to foster contemplation and encourage intimacy with the image.

His photography is a metaphysical meditation that ponders the powerful, creative, and archetypal character of womanhood. The work is meant to honor womanhood's qualities of sensual beauty, procreation and motherhood.

This series, titled "Dialectics", is a comparison of the organic human figure with hard edged geometric abstractions. The dialogue between these two subjects encourages contemplation of the figure and it's contextual meaning as "womanhood" relative to the technological environment.

Photography is an exploration for me, a quest to discover the beauty and archetypal implications of the female figure. Capturing the forms of the female body, revealed by a soft play of light is a meditative process for me, where I contemplate the sensual and conceptual dimensions of human potential. I sense an imaginary timeline from the ancient past, through the present, into possible unknown futures.