Contingency: visions
Project info

"Can life, can time be rendered sensible, rendered visible?"
G. Deleuze

As a painter I use some traditional tools of the trade as brushes, knives, acrylics, and oils, with my faithful companion, a Nikon D800, and my dear Mac. The final result is a fine art print.

My challenge is simple and yet difficult, to go beyond the anecdotal and the technical reproduction of the physical appearance, i.e. to elude "the pure reproducibility of a pure event" (Roland Barthes).

My current work is involved with "painting-based-on-photographs". There is a special choice for this, I like the essence of painting: the amazement and fear of the "blank canvas" when starting a creation vs. the cold an instantaneous click of the camera. In other words the "contingency" of the artistic creative act.