Project info

I’m collecting my own moments that I realize I’m really alive.
In 2016, I documented my life event automatically. While Trump ware going to be elected, I was driving around the West Coast to promote my new photo book by an automobile, for thousand miles. I installed a camera the passenger seat and turned the lens toward outside with opening window. I set it Program mode and selected Interval shutter speed every 15 seconds, which is completely automatic shooting without looking into a viewfinder. It was that I autographed one page of my life with feeling the changing our world. And I felt almost all incidents are out of control even in my life.

In my lifetime various happenings have occurred. For instance, I've witnessed three major earthquakes. I have also barely escaped from terrorism twice. I have had several other close brushes with death as well. Then, after I experienced a major hard reset in my mentally extremely overpowered life and spent three years being homeless, I became fascinated by why exactly I was alive. Photographs have been a very convenient medium of capturing the fact that "I am alive". Also, I want to understand why I am alive by gaining their moments. This is the self-portrait itself.