Searching for the light of God
Project info

Can photography show the state of the soul? This is a questions that I did not ask myself, but it was set by life circumstances. This series of photographs came about a few years ago in Australia where I had a photo exhibition that was supposed to be the "crown" of my photographic career. However, on the journey everything went wrong and was extremely exhausting. The exhibition was loaded with a lot of stress and I was extremely dissatisfied. It's been a few days after the exhibition and I was totally empty. Walking in the streets I noticed the beautiful light that gave me comfort. I started photographing the light, trying to "capture" it instinctively and this series of photographs are the result. When I returned to Croatia, for a couple of weeks there was a feeling of emptiness that nobody and nothing could fill up. Then I realized that I needed Jesus to change my life so that I could be filled again. I experienced conversion and returned to Catholic faith. I knew then that these photographs meant something more but I could not figure it out then. It took a couple of years and then I came to think that I was subconsciously photographing the state of my soul at those moments. Heavy, black tones of loss, blindness and disorientation. Searching for that piece of light that will show me who I am, what is my truth, because the truth will set me free. This is by no means a series of street photographs, though at first glance it looks like this. This is first of all an attempt to intimate communication with myself and with the transcendent, the One who created me and for whom I want to live.