Verjuice ( ab-ghooreh )
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Verjuice (Verjus, called ab-ghooreh in Persian)is a highly acidic juice made by pressing unripe grapes, crab-apples or other sour fruit.[1] Sometimes lemon or sorrel juice, herbs or spices are added to change the flavour. In the Middle Ages, it was widely used all over Western Europe as an ingredient in sauces, as a condiment, or to deglaze preparations. It is still used to some extent in the American South.Modern cooks most often use verjuice in salad dressings as the acidic ingredient, when wine is going to be served with the salad. This is because verjuice provides a comparable sour taste component, yet without "competing with" (altering the taste of) the wine the way vinegar or lemon juice would.

The reason why I took photos of this plot is to show that the process of pulling water out of the sour grapes has shifted from the traditional and manual way to the modern and industrial ones. Because of the mental difficulties and daily struggles people face in their lifes, they are tired and no longer have patience and motivation to be involved in this long process and follow the traditions in the way they used to be done. Years later maybe there wouldn’t be a trace left from these kind of gatherings.

Jul. 2018