The Chairs
Project info

Giving life to an object, finding its personality traits, highlighting what makes it definable. We constantly project the image of an object on us to feel elegant, soberly or playful. In short, to be in the same way that object is. My project takes the chairs and transforms them into people, showing my vision about each of them. There shouldn't be the question why, this series is an experience, mine and the viewer's. It doesn't answer a question, it shows a way of looking at a fact: that we choose objects to feel a certain way.
This project started last year at a workshop with Alessandra Sanguinetti. She sent me to document an uphol- stery shop and to take a portrait with the owner of that place. The portrait was awful but an idea was born after see- ing a white chair with a broken arm. What if this chair were a woman? What age would she have or How old would she be? I wrote this idea down and I went back to my country. After one year I returned to San Francisco and I started to put everything together. I did the portraits of the chairs first and when I felt I had enough to tell my story I began printing them. I looked at each print and I began to write down the kind of person they inspired me. It was like the creation of a character for a movie, a process that I think I enjoyed most in constructing this series. I asked all my friends from San Francisco to help me find the people I imagined and then came the part with the clothing. For each chair, I tried to exploit the story that was already there and to make a balance between aesthetic and narra- tive. I chose to do this project as a bet with my imagination and my film director abilities working with each charac- ter to convey different feelings and thoughts.