A Measure of Longing
Project info

A narrator appears on a stage and begins to tell a story, reading from a sheaf of papers in her hands. Where does the story begin? At the beginning, of course; at the moment of awakening to the quiet glow of first light...

For some series, you know what the project is about from the start, and you set out to create images that tell parts of the story. But sometimes, the meaning and the story behind the project may not be clear, even though you know that you do have a series of images that work well together. In that case, you just keep on working, and eventually the meaning will reveal itself to you.

Such was the case with the photographs in "A Measure of Longing". I had been working on the series for over a year before I realized what it was about. And that realization only came when it became clear to me that the title for one of the images also worked well to encapsulate the overall mood of the entire series.