Built Abstraction
Project info

The series contains classical photographs of architectures or built structures where the composition was aiming to create an optical interplay between fiction and reality, resulting in a visual transformation of facts from the viewers perspective.
The series is a story about visualization of subjectivity. The occurrence of such phenomenons or circumstances can be also looked at, apart from the visual context, from a philosophical or socio-cultural point of view and is also commonly utilized in journalism, where an information itself, torn from context, can be provided in a way, where the recipient of this specific information is being inevitably directed into the one way or the other, or even "manipulated", depending on the intentions of the information-provider, but preeminently due to the missing context, in addition to the inter- individual imagination.
Vice versa, the viewer or recipient himself, depending on his personal perspective, has the power of exerting influence for its part. As Wayne Dire said: "If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."