Voices of Resistance.
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The Women’s March of January 2017 marked a new wave of resistance that brought millions of people together with a sense of common goals. This mobilization brought ignored voices to the fore and a wave of unifying awareness. It is not so much that many of those who participated in the March were unaware of the world around them previously, but rather, either a sense of comfort, acceptance or helplessness allowed for complacency. With an unstable sycophant at our helm many U.S. citizens and residents are compelled to raise their voices in support of what they believe and hold dear. But such activism is not new. We are a nation founded upon slavery, virtual annihilation of native peoples, desire for commercial success and ideals of opportunity. We are a people who seek prosperity and equality in the same breath. We are a people who have stepped on each other’s backs in order to rise. Since the founding of the United States voices of resistance have given rise to concerns and movements to improve the quality of life for a greater intersection of the people. This series looks to the past to understand the struggles and gallant efforts and endurance of those who came before, to find inspiration in the work they did to lay the cornerstones of who we are today; to build a bridge of conversation between then and now in order to connect more deeply with those who were ignored and devalued in order to imagine a more inclusive, brighter future for generations to come.