Discover Kuala Lumpur
Project info

I am doing a photoshoot in my beloved city, which is my overdue plan I have set aside a long time ago. I used to hang out here after school time 20 years ago.

When my parent's teenage period, Kuala Lumpur was a most crowded and typical "pioneer" town around the start of the 20th century in central Malaysia. With time, Kuala Lumpur becomes one of the most famous landmarks in Malaysia.

However, it could not escape from the process of urbanization. The reconstruction and constantly changing till now. We were more concerned about the people who were still living there.

Images convey emotions of the historical street and urban lifestyle; of intense vintage anglicism buildings with the mixed foreign and local culture society, also the greatness of the nation. The challenge is to recognize new perspectives, new aspects, which others didn’t explore yet. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia was always a pioneer town, for better or for worse, and will continue to offer many opportunities especially for local photographers.

In this respect, I hope that the " Discover Kuala Lumpur" of which the photos shown here are a small selection, offers an unconventional view of the otherwise “over-photographed”.