Project info

Project Morphology portrays real people, girls and women of different age and background. Subjects, who are not professional models were places in front of the lens undressed and without make-up or any directions. This state can be called an emotional nakedness. They were not asked to play any role except their own. The way in which they expose themselves to the camera is what interests me. No matter if they enjoy it, try to hide with shame or ignore its presence. Portraiture is about unspoken conversation or even monologue happening inside of the person.

-I feel like the whole world is looking at me. And through this photo Im looking back, confronting everybody who might see it.-

How much of the story can be seen by such simple photograph? Is portraiture revealing truth about us? How much stays hidden behind the pose? How much is shown by the face, the body and its slight gestures?

Flower torn away from its natural setting display fragility, transience and variety of character rather than its actual beauty. Hands speak with indefinite sign-language which can be read on emotional level. It represents my comment, the way how i approached the portrayed person. Not only the kind of flower but most of all how is it treated by anonymous hand is hint behind each portrait.