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The Han River is a typical place for relaxation and escape from city life, but on rainy days during the summer season this can all change. It reminds the photographer of scenes from natural disaster movies when the Han River rises and submerges the nearby parks during this season. It is an uncomfortable feeling, when this place which we are so familiar with, changes from a place of relaxation and safety to one of dangers and uncertainties. But even with the imminent dangers of flooded walking tracks and submerged gardens, you can still see people enjoying the riverside, all the while ignoring the evacuation and warning notices. We can see an elder who is throwing his fishing rod into the river even though the water level has risen to his ankle and also a couple enjoying their daytime nap in a tent near the flooded area. These are astonishing yet dangerous pictures that one could only expect to exist on a news channel. These pictures represent the risks a modern civilian's must take to enjoy their leisure life, release their stress and find solace in the limited time and space offered to them. He wanted to show this unique section of modern civilian's life that he has observed from their dejected leisure life and has been generated from the borderline between their familiar space and insured circumstances.