Jingyeong Sansu
Project info

“JINGYEONG SANSU” is a Korean traditional aesthetic term which means continuous observation of nature and harmony with nature, and is also the official name of the new residential style shown in these photographs. Oriental culture has been developed based on the "zen" philosophy and within this culture; mountains with the strongest forces are called as "noted mountain". The recent trend in Korean apartment complexes is to copy the most famous part of the mountain and artificially recreate mountain in the middle of the apartment complex. It increases the value of the apartment, and at the same time, residents have some psychological satisfaction since there is a traditional belief that holy mountain gives luck, health, and fortune. Through these oddly beautiful mountains, Kim wanted to describe a new form of the "zen" which lost its traditional value to adjust to the industrialized society. The artist has been taking all the mountains in different seasons and different time of the day, since there is a traditional Korean philosophy to observe the object frequently, not only to find different details, but also recognize new perception of the object.