SkyEarth The Last Paradise
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These images of the Sky and Sea taken on the island of Tuvalu is homage to photos of the moon landscapes which were taken by Apollo astronauts. The moon landscapes is a grey and colorless world whether the images were taken in color or black-and-white film.

Meanwhile we live in the world with so many colors. And there is the presence of the air and wind, factors that continuously change the appearance of the sea and ground. When God takes a gentle breath over the Tuvalu sea, the surface changes instantly.

Overhead , the sky is an awesome blue, and white clouds drift by in ever-changing shapes as if they were dancing, a sight that would be unimaginable on the moon.

On Earth, you never see the same landscape twice. Each is an encounter that occurs only once in a lifetime. The essence of Earth’s beauty lies in its mutability, transience, and unstoppable succession of evolution and change. That we all must eventually die and fade away , that is precisely what lends life on Earth its joy.