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Today, pictures are statues of our everyday life. Animated by the phenomenon of social Media, photographs are produced in unprecedented quantities. Any action,Grimace and the daily purchase are photographed. The meaning of Single shot, however, disappears.
Photography has always been a medium which was bound to technical progress. But possibilities also mean equally a duty or are they self-purpose? At the beginning of the photograph stood the moment the light and the motive. Photos were precious, rare and forever. The decline of the analog, then the advent of digital photography is more than a change from silver nitrate to pixels. Also our viewing habits and the values have changed.
This is exactly the moment and the situation in which I try to fit into this process.
For about 2 years, I work almost exclusively with archived images.
The found pictures ( from the archive of the Visual Studies work shop in Rochester, New York and from digital image archives like the Libary of Congress ) serve as a foundation for new stories, so they do not hurt any privacy, but play with the look and feel of former times. The projections ofour time in the context of our art history are based on the time of our fathers and grandfathers. This was the flowering season . The high times of Kodak and the images try to take this time into our time and fill this "primer" with new content.
Visual habits and techniques are interwoven with each other ( from photographer to photographer, from analog to digital), creating a picture of "time".