The Great Indoors
Project info

From my very first days in photography I was attracted to people; their daily life, their joys and sorrows, their emotional and physical reactions to their surrounding. The camera brings me closer to them; it somehow gives me permission to look at their lives and their inner world further. I truly enjoy spending time with strangers in all corners of the word; language is never a barrier as there are many ways to communicate and to show interest in someone’s life. I love building these connections, I feel that they enrich my world and ultimately make me a better person.
When I create someone’s portrait my main focus is to concentrate on the eyes, which to me are the window to their soul. The “decisive moment” is when I catch the expression that I feel will give me a hint of their world, the fraction of a second when they will let me in and reveal their sensitivities, their challenges and adventures, their hopes for the future.
This particular series is a collection of portraits all taken indoors, usually in the home of the sitter.