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Death by Domestication – Artist’s Statement
Shame and embarrassment are integral part of the culture I grow up… So I took a camera, went to the bathroom and half naked in a small performance started peeling bloody beetroots…
„Death by Domestication“ is a series of pictures where I explore my personal reality it about the roles of a women in a society, relationship and the roles, that she created herself.
Pictures seem to be colorful documentation of my life.
But it is like a fancy dolls house, where at a first sight when you just see all sugary colors, but when you look closer: you could see human being trapped in a role.

I am trying to recognize all of the roles I have been playing.
And I am playing with that roles - it is like word game; I use the word “sexy” and if you look closer – there is a drama. I use the word ”function” and it is clearly not just about doing washing; I’m playing with the stereotypes.

The character on the pictures seems to act extreme: she is funny, dramatic and pathetic. Im playing with the roles and deconstructing them.
The style I’m using in these photographs is at the same time both surreal and real, an absurdity and the only truth, a fantasy and a nightmare.

The women roles I am playing – remind me of a clown playing in a circus. It is funny, it is grotesque and the audience may have fun. But there is a human being hiding behind that clown mask, confronting - and I picture that invisible part.

And I do it all on a search of the identity, looking for my own form of expression, freedom, my own ressurection.
I am trying to find a room of my own.