Mies and FFF, 2018
Project info

Mies and FFF is a photographic series that explores Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s interpretation of Louis Sullivan’s architecture design philosophy: form follows function. To Sullivan, the idea of form follows function meant the design is according to the users' use of space; but to Mies, form follows function meant the design is according to engineering, hence most of Mies’ skyscrapers look very similar (engineering and the law of gravitation do not change).

This series focuses on several of Mies’ identical-looking skyscrapers in Chicago; seven different skyscrapers were chosen and shot during both day and night, focusing on the geometrical and proportional structures emphasized by Mies. During the day, the geometrical structures are more prominent and the concept of design according to engineering becomes the center of focus. However, when different users light up their space at night, both residential and office spaces, specific objects and personalized arrangement of furniture can been seen, showing the interpretation of the space by different users and tying back to Sullivan's original concept of form follows function.