this new moon phase
Project info

The night until the early hours of the following morning, a waxing moon was just like a thin wire, it was going to be a almost new moon. 
Her unpredictable and bewitching movement appeared from the completely dark shore, sand pits or everywhere around me. 
This simple zen-like composition is one of the theme for this series. 
Some people said that the master and guests share the universe in a very narrow tea room while they have tea ceremony in Japan. I don’t know it’s true or not, at this time I felt I was closer for it slightly. 
She moved beautifully mysterious and I just cut off that moment without a word. I never told her how she should move or pose. 
I hadn’t known if I need to communicate with her while we were shooting, afterwards I was aware we had communicate all the time in the silence, or maybe I am wrong. 
Or I also I can describe these scenes that it seemed she totally didn’t care of my camera like a beautiful wild animal, I felt just like chasing to shoot through her body with a shotgun. 

Starring : Mariko Furue

Mariko Furue and I did proceed this work with our consciousness and