Terra Vettore (Vettore Land) - Earthquake 2016
Project info

TERRA VETTORE is the title of the first episode about the mountain. Solid, dominant, impressive, the mountain is a whole world. In this land the Vettore Mountain is the protagonist of the territory, of the life and of the society. Often this mountain reminds  fears like the recent ones about the earthquake. But this is a territory that has to be preserved in order to protect its riches and build the foundations of a possibile future; maybe a different future from the one you had imagined. After the earthquake we saw the splits in the mountain as they were a wound but the real wounds are inside us. An earthquake is an ordinary fact for the Earth, it is a part of its vital breath.
But what about the man? 

Sometimes the image is composed of multiple photos, like a dematerialisation of the picture.
We live in the territory through its representation. All is quite different after the earthquake: the height of the mountains, the plateaus, the places, the water sources, the road.  Now we have a cartographic representation of the reality that doesn’t find a true correspondence with the ground.
In this photographic work sometime the cartography is over the picture divided like a worrying 3D effect. A cyan and magenta layers express the annoying effect of the earthquake. If you look at the two layers the photo seems slightly out of focus; but this is only our feeling, it isn't real.