Proposition Four: Heads will Roll
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Contemporary life shares, with equal strength, signs of the real and simulacra, of the past and the present, of images, texts and sounds. There are no master trajectories, no linear narratives, but multiple possible routes, all equally valid.

Trends emerge and others hibernate, nothing dominating for too long, nothing disappearing, merged in the fluidity of the present.

A present in a permanent state of emergency, of war as a normalized phenomenon. Distant wars that reinforce a feeling of insecurity, of peril, and the grateful acceptance of a police state, of a militarized society.

A present defined by the indefinable, by singularity, by catastrophe, by the accident. Uncontrolled events without responsibility. The Disclaimer Clause that consecrates the irrational in our lives, the paradoxical nature of powers without a face.

The awe for the emergence of new superpowers. Of a mythical China, hermetic and unknown, strong and driven, that mirrors our decadence and confusion. Signaling the triumph of Capitalism without the drawbacks of the Enlightenment.

The anguish of our bodies, the nightmares of unfulfilled desires, of impossible ambitions. To be everywhere and nowhere, alone in a multitude, hidden and exposed.