paperbag [reBORN]
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paperbag [reBORN]

Actually, so far I have only taken photos which have given others an impulse for art. For me a creative form of expression to enthuse a target group. But with paperbag [reBORN] everything is different:

After several ups and downs in my nearly 25 years of creating art, I started, after a structured creative break on 21 November 2008, the new series “paperbag [reBORN]“. As everybody knows everyone in the large village of the Rhine valley and a few of my models want to be unrecognised, this form of conceptual performance photography offers the possibility to be photographed anonymously and in an erotic way. Every female model, who would like to participate in this project, gets her own paperbag. The models receive their own face in form of a paperbag which I create with different clippings I have collected over the last years. A numbered and dated unicum. I used the name reborn as the face is created with scrap paper. This face is breathed into life by the model. This is how everything started:

paperbag [embryo]

The project permanently develops further and there is the possibility to look at the embryos online. These prepared faces are waiting to be born! The visitors of my website can choose their unborn face and register for an exclusive series. Men receive a neutral paperbag.

The project matured in 2010 and up to now 35 different models were born. The first shooting always takes place in front of the same background in the studio – so to say – in the delivery room – the birth. Afterwards various locations are visited or we take the pictures in the nature.

The date of every shooting is registered on the back of the paperbag - like a curriculum vitae. The paperbag face can change over the months / years like everyone changes. The main features stay the same, but eyes, mouth or hair can be exchanged. We are working on a paperbag [reBORN] ID card. With this card the models should get different benefits, that still need to be defined. This way an own artificial and quite artistic identity is created.

Let me show you the world in my eyes :-)