The Invasive Species of the Built Environment -
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The land of Hawaii is vast, luxurious, and idyllic but past the wanderlust images the land is very controversial. The growing population and tourism continues to threaten the space and its ability to accommodate all the occupants. The industrial growth happening in Hawaii goes beyond simply manipulating the landscape; it destroys the historical records and spiritual places that have existed there for generations.
These photographs focus on the spaces where these infrastructures impede on the natural environment. Using silver gelatin prints which consist of selected of man made spaces, then using a laser cutter to cut the structure from the landscape leaves scar upon the image. The removed spaces aid in seeing what Hawaii would be like without these impositions. Although removed, there is still a scar suggesting the structures still exist and can never be completely erased. However, it draws attention to what is becoming the built environment in Hawaii.
These invasive infrastructures have impinged on the natural environment. Although these images discuss visually the reality of Hawaii, it brings to light that this is not a localized problem. We should strive to question the social and political concerns that exist in the natural world and in its preservation.