My father
Project info

My Father

This is a photography collection, a project about my father. After a long period of reflection, I decided to publish this series. I usually withdraw into myself, avoiding to open up and express my feelings to others. The main reason why I carried on with this project is because I’ve never photographed my mother when she was alive. That’s one of my greatest sorrows, which has always influenced my work. I rarely take “joyous pictures”, because of this interior melancholy.

I prefer black and white photographs to capture and convey emotions in a picture. In my opinion, the deeper side of the world appears, when colours disappear.

I tried to capture my father’s soul in these pictures, even if it has been hard, because of his refuse to be photographed.

I have recently taken many pictures, ranging from common people, brides and grooms and ill people. Every time I noticed a continuous change in people’ self-awareness: self-consciousness seems to become more negative as time passes and the signs of age increase on our faces.

I think my father has noticed his physical and inner changes too, getting a bit annoyed about these series. Sometimes portraits of ourselves sadden us because they reflect our changing image and our past. In conclusion they are a possibility to reflect about ourselves and became more self-aware.