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The titular demons of this photo series appeared when Csilla Szabó was working on her previous series, Symmetry. While arranging and rearranging the photos, mirroring, inversing, and pasting them together in order to find geometrical or figurative symmetries, these apparitions materialized. According to the historical vedic of tradition, demons can be observed by those whose third eye has been activated. This prompted the question: does the lens of the camera function as that third eye?
Historically, demons have not always been considered malevolent. To the shamanistic tribes of North America and Central Asia, they were not subject to the conventional western idea of dividing the world into good or bad. Not guided by human sensibilities, these presumed demons were seen as being oblivious to our laws, rules and ethics, just as nature itself. When deciding to make themselves known to us humans, they are said to put on a face in order for us to recognize them. We need eyes to look into, a mouth that can talk to us, ears that can listen to us. When wearing these human elements, for a moment they allow a connection between these two completely separate but equally complex worlds that exist parallel to each other.
Every step of Szabó’s work is carried out within the analog domain. She develops the negatives, then enlarges, flattens and retouches the final prints. The photographs are large in scale; the excessive enlargement, as well as being pleasing to the eye, also helps in building a substantial sculpture, a totem to these demons, and the prints of these images are printed upon becomes the window between the two worlds, through which – from both sides – we can gaze into each other’s realities.
This photo series is conceived as a celebration of this special moment of connection.

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