Project info

In this series I am working with the notion of place. My sense of the places I know and the places I discover is constructed from an amalgamation of different sights and experiences over time. The works in this series are complex compositions that describe fragments of information, time, and space. I combine these fragments to formulate my impression of a place because I find that no one image alone can describe the sensation of place for me. I must construct it from multiple parts of my experience.

I have devised a method of drawing with digital photographic information that I use to layer image upon image as I build up the surface of the image. I use a flattened perspective so that multiple views and locations are densely compressed within a complex surface. The picture plane becomes a vibrant, kinetic space where many different views come together in a landscape without perspective.

The industrial landscape, power plants, shipyards, shipping ports and vibrant cities are most appealing to me. These places have a unique aesthetic, sense of color, and rhythm that I find fascinating.