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Housing is one of the big issues of our time. In times of an increasing population; in times when people in Hong Kong live in cages; in times of sharply rising rents in conurbations around the world and the displacement of population strata to the outskirts of cities. The question arises: How do we want to live and how can living space be made accessible to everyone?

Singapore is following a unique path here: 82% of the population lives in state-subsidized housing that is leased for 99 years. Once they have moved in, everyone usually lives his or her entire life in such an apartment. Blocks form independent neighborhoods with schools, supermarkets, clinics and Hawker centers. The history of the "Housing & Development Board" (HDB) begins at the beginning of the 70s and its architecture has continued to develop ever since.

The basic architectural structure is very similar and changes only slowly. This is countered by the external impression of the architecture with its multi-faceted façade designs. There are almost infinite colour variations. Some facades contain elements from other eras, some look very modern and others seem to be built with Lego bricks. This creates a tremendous variety that can be experienced here in the form of photography...

...You dive into the life feeling of a resident and look out of their windows. You see what they see and can feel that it is a huge difference to see a fiery red, squeaky yellow or neutral white facade. For me it is always an exciting moment to enter an area for the first time and let it affect me.