Peaceful meeting place
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Since the beginning of the Vietnam War, this country has experienced many wars of various sizes, which have caused the people here to live a difficult life. Fortunately, after the war, the Vietnamese people worked hard to reform and improve the country's living standards.
The city I am exploring today is the ancient city of Hoi An, a town near the sea in southern Vietnam. HoiAn, as the name, describes A Peaceful Meeting Place in Chinese. In the 16th century, international trade prospered as a port, and it is now an ancient town listed as a world cultural heritage.
Walking in the ancient town today, It is about meeting up with people every day on life journeys. I tried slowing down my footsteps along with my camera, recording some bits and pieces of the combination of history and modernity. From the elderly affected by the war, the younger generation who has become richer in life, and even tourists who come to visit, they all blend together just like the name of Hoi An. When shooting here, I like the little fun around me and the moments that I meet unexpectedly.
The shooting method is different from the general recording method, such moments might belong to me only, it cannot be replaced, and are also subjective and personal. I could say it was a mixture of street photography and contemporary.