Micro Climate Change
Project info

We humans are busy going about our lives, while nature is in shock from the choices that we make. This series is about how nature responds to climate change from a micro perspective. As a career educator, lifetime fan of tiny nature, and photographer, I'm compelled to interpret these issues in a new way. Here are some of the climate change stories that these images hint at:
Marine life suffers from hot, acidic waters
Insects push their range and carry disease
More pollen brings more asthma and allergies
Crops shrivel before they feed us
Leaf pores close and leave trees dead
Seasons shift and leave pollinators out of sync
Invasive species force out natives
Crops have smaller yields and fewer nutrients
Forests are shrinking
Each image was made with a scanning electron microscope, and features natural objects scaled at several times smaller than a pinhead. Most of the images are photomontages with DSLR macro photography, to allow a surreal conversation between natural objects, and minute details of themselves. They are inspired by nature, and the artistic visions of Escher, Uelsmann, Blossfeldt, Chris Jordan, and Minor White. Images are best seen at 30” x 45”.